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1000 Litre Site Tow Bunded Fuel Bowser

1000 Litre Site Tow Bunded Fuel Bowser

The Site 1000L combines Fuel Proof's 1000 litre U.N. approved bunded tank with a tough galvanised tubular steel chassis and heavy duty running gear to provide on-site mobility with a large fuel storage capacity. Site specific features include a hand brake, ring hitch and flotation tyres. Both the inner and outer tanks are constructed from steel throughout, with a 110% bund capacity. The
tank features a baffled design for added stability, and also includes a pressure relief valve, automatic one-way breather and fully sealed magnetic drive tank contents gauge. Fuel delivery equipment and inlets/outlets to the inner tank are housed in a secure, anti-vandal lockable cabinet at the rear of the tank. A high-flow hand pump (flow rate 80 litres/min) and 1/2" BSP generator feed and return connections are fitted as standard.

Fuel Bowser Features

  • 1000 litre (220 gallon) capacity
  • U.N. approved IBC – fully complies with new regulations
  • Tank is seated on galvanised tubular steel frame
  • Rugged site specification
  • Anti-vandal lockable door to protect delivery equipment
  • Hand brake, ring hitch and flotation tyres
  • Fully bunded inner tank complying with current pollution prevention regulations, with a fully sealed fuel gauge and one way breather
  • Available in 4 colours: Red / Blue / Yellow / Green
  • K2 hand pump (22 litres/min) with 4m hose and trigger

    Litres / gallons
    Empty weight
    Full weight
    1000 / 220 3063 1780 1660 765 1635

£2,520.00 Ex VAT 20%

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