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909 Litre Underground Water Storage Tank

909 Litre Underground Water Storage Tank

Dimensions Dia. 1308x1060mm
Manhole Internal Dia. 546mm
Vented Insert Internal Dia. 127mm
Capacity 909 litres/2,200 gallons
Colour Black

Versatile storage tanks suitable for liquids.

Manufactured in robust one-piece stress-free mouldings with smooth hygienic internal and external surfaces.

Built-in lifting lugs for handling empty tanks.

Suitable for potable water when fitted with byelaw 30 kit.

CT0200JA is for above ground use only and the heavier CT0200JB for above or below ground use.

Tanks feature ‘flat’ areas to make it easier to attach fittings.

£396.00 Ex VAT 20%

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